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Clan follows the tip he received, and heads to Cloaked Figure's secret hideout, where he and Cloak get into a fight to the death. Rubyrulez and Hagurumon eat cheeseburgers, for unknown reasons.

Cast: Psychosis, Hagurumon, Mandy, Rubyrulez, Clan, Cloaked Figure



{Cold opening, featuring Hagurumon, Psychosis and Mandy.}

PSYCHOSIS: Us three are still cool, right?


MANDY: Well, can-



MANDY: Well, can we go do something? It's boring just standing here. I would shop for action, but then Nick would mistake me for Jessica. And we all know how that would turn out.

HAGURUMON: Yep. Major huggination is involved. Wait... did you say "Jessica"?!


{Hagurumon hugs Mandy.}

PSYCHOSIS: Wow, who wasn't expecting that?

{Roll opening credits. Cut to Rubyrulez holding a coupon. The others walk up.}

RUBYRULEZ: Guess what, guys? I got a coupon for a hundred free cheeseburgers from McDonald's!

HAGURUMON: There's a McDonald's 'round hee-yah?

{Rubyrulez points somewhere off-screen. Pan over to a McDonald's, then pan back.}

PSYCHOSIS: That's... really weird.

RUBYRULEZ: But the only catch is... I can only bring one person with me.

PSYCHOSIS: There's only one fair way to do this. Rock, paper, scissors!

HAGURUMON: Dude, I love that game! Count me in!

{Hagurumon, Mandy and Psychosis form a circle and play rock, paper, scissors.}

HAGURUMON: Rock, paper, scissors, shoe!

{Hagurumon pulls out "rock", and the other two have "scissors".}


MANDY: He smashed our scissors.

HAGURUMON: Aww, I'm sorry... are you okay?

RUBYRULEZ: Well, I guess the H-Man's coming with me.

HAGURUMON: Yayzors like razors!

{Cut to Clan walking in a wasteland area.}

CLAN: Stupid, dumb Hagurumon... He lead me on a wild goose chase, didn't he?

{Clan stops and becomes wide-eyed. Cut to what appears to be a giant wooden fortress. Cut back to Clan.}

CLAN: What the-? How would he know where Cloak's hideout is?! Ah, well. Best not worry about it.

{Clan walks into a dark hallway. Cloak's silhouette appears.}

CLOAKED FIGURE: You again? I thought I dealt with you before...

CLAN: The only thing you dealt was stupidity! ...And gas. Geez, you made us pass out that one time.

CLOAKED FIGURE: Sorry, it was bean burrito night.

CLAN: Enough potty humor! Prepare to meet your doom!

CLOAKED FIGURE: I think not, Clannity Clan Clan!

{The two strike poses. Cut to McDonald's.}

HAGURUMON: Man, this is the hugest pile of burgers I've ever seen. Where'd you get that coupon from, anyway?

RUBYRULEZ: Same place I got all the other stuff I've had during our journeys.

HAGURUMON: HSN...? Wow, they really do have everything.

RUBYRULEZ: So, how many burgers do we have left?

HAGURUMON: Uh... lemme check. {pause} ninety-eight.

{Cut to Psychosis and Mandy.}

PSYCHOSIS: So... here we are, by ourselves.

MANDY: Yep. They should really consider giving us our own adventure to go on.

PSYCHOSIS: Let's invent one!

MANDY: Hey, great idea! I stole Nick's PS2 and RPG Maker 3, so this shouldn't be too hard.

PSYCHOSIS: Cool, I'll plug it in!

MANDY: There's an outlet outside?

{Cut to Clan and Cloak, who are both beat up pretty bad.}

CLOAKED FIGURE: Your name should be "Plan", because you planned your own demise.

CLAN: You're bad at jokes.

CLOAKED FIGURE: I don't care.

CLAN: Look, we could be fighting forever, but I feel as though I need to reveal your true identity now.


{Battle music plays. The Cloaked Figure zooms behind Clan and rapidly delivers punches and kicks, then picks him up and throws him to the ground. Clan gets up and pulls out an axe.}

CLAN: I call this move, the "Cloak Remover"!

{Clan jumps up, holding the axe above his head. He then drops down, and slices Cloak's cloak in half. The shadows of Clan standing in front of Cloak's revealed identity apear on the ground.}

CLAN: I can't believe it's you! I have to tell the others!

{The shadows show Cloak putting the cloak back on. Then cut back to the actual scene.}

CLOAKED FIGURE: You know too much. You can't be allowed to live to tell the tale.

{Cut to McDonald's. A counter appears in the bottom-right, reading "83".}

HAGURUMON: Eighty-three burgers left. Ugh, I feel like I'm going to upchuck like nunchukas.

RUBYRULEZ: Come on, H-Guy! I know you can do it!

{Hagurumon, looking sick, grabs a burger and tosses it in his mouth. The counter goes down to "82".}

RUBYRULEZ: Come on, H-Dude. Just eighty-two more!

HAGURUMON: I... need... to hug... hot... chicks... {passes out}

RUBYRULEZ: Well, there goes the gold medal.

{Cut to Mandy and Psychosis playing Playstation 2.}

PSYCHOSIS: Whoa, this dungeon is cool.

MANDY: Well, I did read the instruction manual.

PSYCHOSIS: Can you throw some treasure chests in there? We need more Green Herbs.

MANDY: {sighs} Fine, I'll put a treasure chest on floor two. Are you happy now?

PSYCHOSIS: Yes, actually.

MANDY: Well, good, because now I have to tell you... uh... this is only a one-player game.

PSYCHOSIS: {whines} I wanna play...

MANDY: Fine, you can play... as soon as I make the first boss impossible to beat.

{Cut to Clan with Cloak.}

CLOAKED FIGURE: How about a little game of hide and seek?

{Cloak vanishes.}

CLAN: Fine, but if I have to be the Juggernaut, I demand the rocket launcher.

{Long pause.}

CLAN: He's gone, isn't he?

{Cut to McDonald's. Hagurumon and Rubyrulez are now unrealisticly obese, and the counter is down to "1".}

HAGURUMON: Too fat... can't reach last burger...

RUBYRULEZ: I can't reach either...

HAGURUMON: Come on, man... burgerrrrr.

{Hagurumon tries to gain momentum by rocking back and forth, but then falls off his seat.}

RUBYRULEZ: Somebody... hand me that burger... please?

{An explosion is heard.}

RUBYRULEZ: You okay?

HAGURUMON: {off-screen} Don't worry. It wasn't anything important. Just my appendix.

{Cut to Mandy and Psychosis again. Clan, Rubyrulez and Hagurumon are there, too. And they're back at normal weight!}

PSYCHOSIS: Welcome back, guys!

CLAN: I've found out Cloak's true identity!

MANDY: Yeah, we know. "Andrew", right? I don't care. Hey, Nick. Check out this game we made.

HAGURUMON: Whoa, cool, you made a whole game in one day? Geez, even I couldn't do that.

CLAN: But Cloak is actually-

MANDY: Memory erase'd!

{The screen flashes red. For some reason, Rubyrulez, Hagurumon, Mandy and Psychosis are wearing black sunglasses. Clan looks dazed.}

CLAN: I feel like I've just forgotten something very important.

RUBYRULEZ: Tell it to the judge! {pause} I've always wanted to say that.

MANDY: Anyway... the game's really challenging and has tons of mini-games. Also, it has me in it, so it's automatically awesome.

HAGURUMON: I'd play anything with you in it. Hey, do I need an appendix to play this awesome game?


HAGURUMON: {high-pitched} Sweet!

CLAN: Suddenly I want to... lie down.

RUBYRULEZ: Good thing I brought my Home Shopping Network Inflatable King-Size Bed!

PSYCHOSIS: No. We're not doing that.

{Roll end credits.}

Fun Facts

Bonus Stage References

  • CLOAKED FIGURE: Your name should be "Plan", because you planned your own demise.
    • This is a similar line of dialogue to that used in Depart's All Yours.

Real World References

  • RPG Maker 3 is a Playstation 2 game, in which you basically create your own RPG.
  • "Fine, but if I have to be the Juggernaut, I demand the rocket launcher." This is a reference to one of Halo 2's multiplayer games. The "hide and seek" game randomly selects one player to be "Juggernaut", and everyone else runs away.
  • The memory erasing and the black sunglasses are a reference to the Men In Black movies.

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